Album Review: Gadget & The Cloud—Things I'll Never Say

Album Review: Gadget & The Cloud—Things I'll Never Say
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Gadget and The Cloud
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Things I'll Never Say
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Cork, Ireland-based electronic producer Gadget & The Cloud is back with their sophomore EP Things I'll Never Say

Following up on here last project, 2018's Songs for Sad People to Dance To, this 4-track odyssey see's the ambient producer in a very vulnerable and visceral state. With a series of singles between this project and now, Kelly Doherty has made her claim to the Irish music scene with her signature sound.The signature sound of danceable sadness created by her is unsettlingly beautiful at points. After much acclaim from radio stations and publications alike as well as a festival run in 2019, this was the time for Gadget and The Cloud to prove she was here to stay. 

The projects kicks off with the incredibly atmospheric "Quiescence". The extended intro builds so much tension and the ambient mix of pads and synth layers bring the listener right into her world. The tension is relieved as the song drops you into the depths of her mind. The stuttering kick patterns paired with airy vocal lines make the experience that much more static and interesting.  This track feels honest. It feels as if we as the listener, are entering a place of truth. 

This feeling continues on the second track and lead single from the project "Keep You". In the early portion of this track you can hear clear elements of 80's synth wave in the very sharp and present synth stabs. This then quickly transitions into a much more dark and eerie listen. This is due to the atmospheric bell's and vocal samples that layer together beautifully. As the track progresses, the tension continues to build and this mirrored in the rhythm section. A beautiful blend of very raw sounding drums paired with very metal percussive sounds that makes this track feel alive. 

As we reach the halfway point of this project, the feeling of honesty and bareness is on a whole other level. We are peeling back layers that have built up over years. She is doing this without saying a single word. On "Ten Past Three" we get transported further into dark, atmospheric vibes. The shimmering pad noise juxtaposed perfectly by the combination of a low synth lead and sub bass that rolls through the filed of hearing is mesmerising. This paired with the incredible tension built by the glitch infested drums and the cold but calculated synth plucks. This track is a true highlight of the record and is one of its darkest moments easily. 

"It Never Felt Right" is the perfect closer for this body of work. This track is peace is fully formulated.  The feeling of hope is encapsulated by the shimmering synth pads that pass through your filed of hearing. The sound effects added in of birds chirping give you the feeling of inner peace. It's a new day. It's a fresh start, yet a fitting end. 

Gadget & The Cloud is a quintessential Irish artist. If you are only recently discovering the bubbling Irish scene, I cannot recommend this EP enough. This is progressive and potent. The ability to tell a story without words is an extremely beautiful ability that she possess in spades. If you are looking for an artist to binge right now, The ability to dance and hear the feelings and emotions that are being portrayed. We look forward to hearing more from Gadget & The Cloud as 2020 rolls on. 

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