Album Review: Linn Elisabet — Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn

Album Review: Linn Elisabet — Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn
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Linn Elisabet
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Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn
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Sweden born, Berlin based DJ and producer Linn Elisabet has released a new LP via Acts Of Rebellion. Released in a limited edition 12” format, the LP consists of six tracks, plus three extra digital singles. Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn is the fourth release on the label, and showcases Elisabet’s other-worldly, but hard hitting sound. Described as a sound which transgresses the dancefloor into a gender identity and dance music rebellion, the LP is an intensely emotional journey which offers a glimpse into Elisabet’s world.

Title track “Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn” sets a distinctive tone for the rest of the release. Jumping straight in with a thundering bassline contrasted against tranquil pads, it is immediately apparent that much of Elisabet’s sound is inspired by the warehouse techno culture in Sweden. A happy medium between dark and dreamy, the soundscape created is hugely unique and individual. This energy leaks into the following track, “Our Names Are Acts of Rebellion,” with things get progressively lighter as the track unwinds. Though the tracks are energetic and rolling, brief gentle moments throughout give them a strangely peaceful aura.

“Gravity Will Keep Us Apart” explores a different sound to its predecessors, losing the intense bassline and opting to go down a more experimental route; it offers quick moment to regain your thoughts and relax. Light percussion and angelic synths make this one feel like a meandering adventure, reminiscent of an afternoon walking through the woods. At the other end of the spectrum, “As We Prevail” goes in heavy from the off. If anything was made for a warehouse with sunlight streaming through the windows at 8am, it’s this. Still keeping the emotional connection but ramping the intensity up by ten, the colossal bass was made for huge sound systems only.

“Tillit” sees Elisabet utilise their love for breakbeats, wading further into leftfield territory — and we’re here for it. Stern bass, broken melodies, and those trademark synths make “Tillit” a wholly euphoric listening experience from start to finish. The closing track on the 12”, “twifocaywoot.note” brings the LP to a fitting close. It’s moody and eerie but you can’t help having a little dance; the bassline is infectious. A cosmic exploration of sounds and influences, the mid-track breakdown and drop will send you straight to another dimension.

As an added bonus, the digital copies come with an extra three tracks — all remixes of Elisabet’s original tracks. Featuring sounds from Raär, SRAMAANA and Serena Butler, each artist’s unique spin on the tracks are welcome additions to the release, making the LP a truly special collection of music. Alongside the LP, Acts of Rebellion have also announced an online based interactive game and audio visual installation, which explores hypogognition, linguistics, and identity beyond the bodily experience. A hugely interesting collection of work, if you don’t already know — get to.

Fac ut Ardeat / Made to Burn can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

Connect with Linn Elisabet: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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