Album Review: Brent Faiyaz - F**k The World

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Album Review: Brent Faiyaz - F**k The World
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Brent Faiyaz
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F**k The World
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Brent Faiyaz is much more than a lustful persona proven to make real passionate baby-making music. His earnest lyricism and seductive delivery tow the line between hypnotizing R&B and sometimes toxic masculinity. There are some men in this world that murmur sweet nothings to win the heart of the love of their life, while there are others that are unapologetic about their intentions. It can either be a traumatic rollercoaster that can tear you down or act as the most thrilling game of emotional Russian roulette you’ll ever play, the choice is yours. Either way, Faiyaz's latest album Fuck the World is an unforgettable adrenaline rush of honesty for those that might be too conflicted with themselves to consider fully committing to someone else.

In his latest release, Faiyaz explores themes of love and opens up on his own thoughts on monogamy but he’s well aware that he’s nowhere near being inside that headspace to desire it. If anything, this album comes off as a complete explanation for his current objection to love and the tribulations that brought him to this conclusion of being a self-conscious sex symbol. The main idea of the project is Faiyaz straddling the fence of confession and self-absorbed dialogue. 

With his intro “Skyline”, Faiyaz begins his illustration for why he’s unfit for attachment by asking a constant question: Do you what makes the world makes this world go around? Faiyaz takes the time here to describe feelings of reciprocated intimacy to be less a fantasy but something that is made up of smoke and mirrors most of the time. It quickly sets the tone for the unapologetic self-analysis he is preparing to share with fans.  

On “Clouded”, he comes face to face with the man in the mirror for a therapy session amidst living the fast life for so long. This is the self-reflection of the guy that others envy because of their known reputation of being the one someone will risk it all for without fully grasping what has led them to become such a person. He’s nonchalant to who he’s become but he isn’t oblivious to his faults. Roll some blunts and hit her once and now she need me, Her n***a wanna be me, But they don't know I'm fightin' demons. It all seems all fun and games for the “Make Luv” crooner but don’t do yourself a disservice confusing him seeming villainous with being misunderstood.

There's an inescapable sense of self-awareness that makes this project so special. In “Been Away” he asks his lady if she will leave knowing that his efforts to keep himself stable is minimizing their time together. There's nothing too personal to him that he's not willing to share through his lyrics. It’s the game that he’s trying to give in “Lost Kids Get Money” to those that won’t root for him in public is because they aren’t getting chose by their WCW: Money get lost when you don’t chase it, What you looking at me for? She be looking at bankroll.

Fuck The World is a toxic silhouette that is shadowed by Brent’s captivating vocals. The instrumentals compliment the same druggy, ritzy perspective that Brent speaks from as he tells his side of the story. If this isn’t looked back at to be one of this year’s best projects, it will be blatant disrespect.

Favorite Tracks: “Been Away”, “Lost Kids Get Money”, “F**k The World (Summer in London)”

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