Album Review: Dai Burger - Bite the Burger

Album Review: Dai Burger - Bite the Burger
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Dai Burger
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Bite the Burger
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Queens rapper Dai Burger has just released her sophomore album Bite the Burger, a strong display of the young songstress' versatile style and skillset. The album is Dai's first release since her 2017 debut album Soft Serve and comes with a music video for the eighth track "Flame Emoji" Bite the Burger is a highly impressive effort that brings new forms of confident bangers with every track. It manages to stay cohesive despite a wide variety of genre execution on each track. As Dai Burger tackles rap interpretations of house, R&B, and pop, the album is held tightly together by the undeniable swagger and character of her vocal performance. Dai finds her best moments on the album when she doesn't ask permission, but commands respect for her race, sexuality, and artistic freedom.

The album opens up with the pulsing "Cook Book Intro," which feature's some nimble bars over a pulsing house beat. The hard hitting 808's and matter-of-fact wordplay from Dai Burger are an effective indicator of the engaging album to come. Then comes "I Be Knowin'," a woozy trap banger with sexy brags from Dai.  After two strong but held back tracks from the Queens rapper, she then begins to attack with booty-shaking efforts "Salty" and "Vitamin P. It is clear that Dai Burger is the most comfortable in moments like these. Her sharp vocal jabs sit beautifully in the pocket of her pounding speaker knocking beats. Her hook from "Vitamin P" well summarizes the kind of respect that is demanded here: "P for pussy, P for power, pride and prestige." Dai's confidence and precision boast value on surface level as well as deep into her persona.

The album then transitions into her take on R&B jams "5 Dubbz" and "Miss Me." While the first track asks questions of a potential lover, the second one shows resilience once things don't work out. We see more lyrical diversity and versatility from Dai as she covers two sides of the same thematic coin while showcasing her elegant singing voice. This leg of the album also provides a mellow intermission from the upbeat bangers, followed by the grimy title track where Dai flows over a dark slithering beat. "Bite The Burger" has indulgent sex positive bars that sting with clever punchlines such as "I'm the truth like Sojourner," and "Beat the pussy up, call you Ike Turner." Next is "Flame Emoji" featuring another New York native Cakes Da Killa. The stuttering trap beat provides yet another heavyweight party anthem from Dai where both rappers flex style and swagger. The booms and baps of the track give the aura of school cypher banged on cafeteria tables.

The late tracks of the album showcase some fun wavier tracks and end with a bang. "The Function" is a playful ode to New York nightlife with a bumping dance beat and inviting hooks. Later "Pics Interlude" and "URZ" are scandalous R&B croons of a concealed love affair. These once again showcase the range of Dai Burger as she choses to restrain her fiery bars on groovier beats. They also present a more vulnerable romantic presence from Dai as she admits affection for others rather than boasting her own prowess. Still though, there are clever tongue in cheek moments of lyricism like "you playin' with this pussy like it's Ableton."

Lastly is the flashy electronic finisher of "Everything Suxx" in which Dai Burger spazzes over a pressing beat as a last reminder of how talented she really is. This stunning last effort is a giant middle finger to any remaining doubters as well as lasting evidence that Dai has much more to give. After a musical clinic of an album that showcases the many layers to Dai's artistry, her last joint shows that in case we forgot, she can still rap her ass off.

Along with clear talent, writing, rapping, and singing, Dai Burger is a character and personality that commands attention. Her strong words are dripping with confidence and self awareness as her sophomore album shows strong versatility and establishment as an artist. Early skeptics will try to dismiss Dai as mimicking of Nicki Minaj, but a closer listen shows her own style, her own creativity, and her own story to tell. A dynamic and captivating effort on all fronts, Bite the Burger is not only a fun listen but also another important contribution to the recent wave of outstanding woman rappers.  Well balanced, multifaceted, and electrifying all around, Dai will hit you a million different ways and each one will feel just right.

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