Album Review: Griselda - WWCD

Album Review: Griselda - WWCD
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On Black Friday, Griselda dropped an impeccable album, WWCDWhat Would Chine Gun Do. In WWCD, three timeless Buffalo, New York-based emcees, Conway The MachineBenny The Butcher, and Westside Gunn will have you feeling like you're existing during another era of hip-hop. They're all impartially talented. There is not one emcee that will out rap the other. Further, the lyricism is compelling in every single track on the album. Not one track fails to be meticulously constructed. They bring nothing but real hip-hop to the table.

WWCD starts off with the legendary Wu-Tang's Raekwon and finishes off with the remarkable Eminem. That in and of itself shows the audience how these three emcees are continuing the legacy of hip-hop. 

When listening to WWCD, it is important not to skip a track. Listen through the album from beginning to end in order to take it all in and understand it piece by piece. To fully absorb all of it, you'll even have to play some, if not all, of the tracks over and over again. 
Wu Tang's Raekwon begins the album by giving solid advice to the youth and to everyone who wants to listen, especially to Griselda. On "Marchello," Raekwon begins by saying, "A good listener is a good learner. Be wise and humble, man. Keep generating and share with your family and your blessings will come in millions." Acknowledging how Griselda is different, he demonstrates how he has been analyzing the entire state of hip-hop. As a result of his observations, he shows his appreciation for Griselda. He speaks about love, trust, and how reciprocation is mandatory. Stressing on the importance of taking care of the family, it is evident that loyalty is everything and protecting your energy is also vital in order to not only survive but thrive. Raekwon emphasizes that he knows that the emcees are real and that as long as they take all of this advice, they will continue to flourish and receive blessings. Pay attention: there is a lot of information that the audience can learn from in this track.
Turn on "Chef Dreds," "Moselle," "Cruiser Weight Coke," "Freddie HotSpot," and "Dr Birds," and it will instantly feel like back in the 1990's. Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, and Westside Gunn all contribute to these tracks equally. They all hold their weight. Throughout the tracks, the musical style is boom-bap and the attention is focused on the lyrics with the words being an integral part to the tracks. There is no excuse now. We can't say that hip-hop doesn't make this kind of music anymore. We just have to search for it and be ready to consume it. 
On the 10th track, "City On The Map," we get a real taste of New York. 50 Cent joins the three emcees, bringing his own piece of realness to the track. All four are effortlessly succeeding in bringing the attention of hip-hop back to New York. 50 Cent raps, "I reflect the darkest cloud in the sky. I'm the coldest winter day." We get another taste of the 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' version of 50 Cent. In case we forgot, he reminds us of who he really is and how influential he is to the rap game.
The last track on the album ends with a "Bang," literally. Pun intended. Eminem, a genius when it comes to words, raps along with Conway The Machine, Benny The Butcher, and Westside Gunn. This track isn’t for the weak because they all show us what time it is. In the chorus, Conway The Machine makes sure that everyone is aware that this isn't a game. This is reality and they are all here to take back the mic from those who don't take hip-hop seriously. They're here to win. Eminem hops on the track and rightfully warns others not to compare him to this "milli vanilli hip-hop." He raps, "Compare me Nas, Biggie, Pac." He is a legend and everyone should acknowledge that instead of trying to deny his merit. Eminem then ends the track by saying that the three emcees are not playing. They're creating timeless music. Just like Eminem did. Everyone has no choice but to respect that. 
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