Album Review: Lord Haiti - On My Soul 1.5

Album Review: Lord Haiti - On My Soul 1.5
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Lord Haiti
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On my Soul 1.5
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Lord Haiti is a Producer/DJ from Chicago's west side. He has worked with many bell ringing names such as Bianca Shaw, Lil B, and Jadakiss. His sound refuses to be pinned down and put in a box, as his music claims inspiration from hip-hop, soul, R&B, house music, Afro Beat and EDM. These genres are reborn long with Haiti's originality and involved in what he calls "Vibe Music." He just released his new project On My Soul 1.5 for instance and this project is pure vibe.

On My soul 1.5 starts off with an inspiring introduction track entitled "Heaven 1.5" The celebratory percussion and heavenly melody goes perfectly with Lord Haiti's deep, declaring speaking voice. The intro confirms the positive mood for the whole project.

"Voyage" takes the listener on an open-minded trip. The featured songstress Cheri Soul describes this place perfectly. However, the lyrics leave the assumption that this is a place that one would have to see and experience rather than just be told about. The familiar melody natural drum hits give the song a relatable groove. On the other hand, the outro voice edits and electric piano keys instrumentation give the track an outer-worldly feel. Lord Haiti easily make these different vibes work well with each other.

Three of seven tracks on OMS 1.5 feature The Starships. The Starships is a music collective consisting of Del Marie, Scott Damn, Danny B.A.Rz, JazStar, and Sharmon Jarmon. Lord Haiti is the main producer of the group. "Ignite" is upbeat and warm. The lyrics on love along the synth keys make a great combination to carry the theme of OMS 1.5 Plus the rap performances from Scott Damn and Del Marie are outstanding. They find the right timing to control the intensity and vocal inflection of their cohesive flow.

The Altered Destiny Interlude is a transitional gem dropping monologue. Voiced by Sun Ra, Haiti mixes his voice on top of sun ray-like keyboards and woodwind magic.

The vocalists on "Living Water" let their souls speak. This song begins beautifully with Harp notes, sounds of water and psychedelic patterns. Similar to "Voyage", the vocalist invites the listener by describing an amazing experience and sings a call to action hook. The engineering really keeps the "Living Water" theme alive as the production plunges ears into a refreshing waterfall in breathtaking surroundings.

"Frequency (Move Along)" has a classic reggae vibe. The cool sound guaranteed to sway hips and bop heads. The bullhorns and the loud-speaking but distant hype man does not throw off the laidback factor of this track. 

In conclusion, Lord Haiti closes out this EP on a high note. "Oms 1.5" has electrifying instrumentation, with spacey yet soulful vocal samples. The AfroBeat drums infused with experimental sounds make this track fun to dance to. With this outro, Lord Haiti is giving listeners what is to come from his music. Truth, originality, and creativity. 

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