Album Review: The Millennial Club – She’s So Insane EP

Album Review: The Millennial Club – She’s So Insane EP
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The Millennial Club
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She's So Insane
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So-Cal indie pop/R&B band The Millennial Club have arrived with their long-awaited debut EP She’s So Insane. While four previous singles made it to the EP, The Millennial Club introduces us to two more effervescent tracks. All together, She’s So Insane EP consists of six idyllic summer jams perfect for a night (or many nights) out with whoever gives you those feels.

With a style comparable to flor, The Japanese House, and The 1975, The Millennial Club have shaped their own signature resonance despite influential echoes. The young band's unique skill set has them merging dance-inspired ‘80s pop, beat-driven ‘90s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism. This is apparent right from the start on the title track opener.

Already in their embryonic career, The Millennial Club have become sonic alchemists. On “Santa Barbara,” the emotionally motivated band serves up an attractive fusion of dream-pop and evocative indie R&B. Its symmetry lands somewhere between the dance floor and driving down the coast with buds or your lover. “Santa Barbara” is a charming mixture of striking honesty, refreshing truth, and 21st-century love that grips you from the very first line.

Brand new track “MI” comes out of the gate like a true winner. Producing fortifying tones and Andres Owens’ confident vocals, the song would make The 1975 even blush. Naturally, The Millennial Club mixes sultry synths and gleaming bass lines with engaging vocals to construct a sonic paradise worth exploring. Plus, Jake Stevenson’s saxophone solo will melt your heart because it’s that damn beautiful.

“IDWBILWY” is the group’s most emotionally driven track off an EP filled with feelings that run wild. With poignant vocals supported by downtempo synth-pop accents, “IDWBILWY” echoes with charm and melancholy like the final slow dance at a high school prom. The outcome is affecting, as “IWBILYWY” is an amalgam of creamy pop and pensive indie R&B to bask within.

“Give It Up” finds its own sonic direction in a warm, blissful synth-pop heaven. It captures the underlying core elements of love — nostalgia, heartbreak, and a deep yearning for something greater than once was. The band’s first single “love is so hard!” from 2017 possesses a velvety panache that paints an idyllic soundscape for fans who have a deep affinity for ‘80s pop and ‘90s R&B. While the journey here is brief, She’s So Insane EP is a lovesick-infused effort that strikes with pure emotions.

Speaking on the EP, the band explains “the ‘She’s So Insane’ EP is an extremely honest collection of songs, and our journey as musicians has been captured in these tracks. It’s a really big deal for us because it’s the first complete set of work we’ve put out; because of that, it really feels like now, more than ever, people have a holistic view of us. I guess in a way, that means they really can (truly) see if they like our music, or if they simply like just one of our songs."

Formed in 2016, The Millennial Club is the partnership of singer/guitarist Andres Owens, bassist/keyboardist Jared Ortiz, guitarist/saxophonist Jake Stevenson, and drummer Tyler Kamei. For those who live in Los Angeles, catch The Millennial Club with Jet Black Alley Cat, Hate Drugs, and The Catching on July 6th at the Troubadour.

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