Album Review: Dretti Franks - Solarbeam

Album Review: Dretti Franks - Solarbeam
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Dretti Franks
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Dretti Franks is a contender for the best underground rap producer in pockets of the internet. However, there is the question if he could build enough momentum to be present in mainstream influence.  Solarbeam has the potential to propel his status as he elevates his sound quality. 

Dretti is known for trill space-out phonk production but on Solarbeam he takes things to another level. The samples are soulful, drum patterns are crispy, sounds are unique and colorful. "Fronto" is a beautiful sample of Missy Elliott produced track "So Gone" by Monica. "Make my Exit" sounds like a modern-day west coast G-Phonk.

Pharrell Williams seems to be the main muse of this project. In "No Such Thing"  the hook resembles Pharrell's vocal style. Dretti actually says "I think I'm the lost member of the Neptunes" on "Fly & Dope." While the Neptunes' influence is apparent, It does not overpower Dretti's novelty. While trap production is popular right now, Dretti is reinventing polished sounds from 2000's Rap.

Aside from the beats, the best quality of the project is his laidback voice flowing perfectly to them. His lyrics are reminiscing references and freshly iconic at the same time. While sampling a recent Solange song "Jarrod"; on Dretti's track aptly named "Smoking to Solange" he speaks highly of his female companion instead of stereotypically not caring about her. It is relaxing and refreshing much like the mood is for the whole Solarbeam album.

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