Album Review: REZZ - Certain Kind of Magic

Album Review: REZZ - Certain Kind of Magic
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Certain Kind of Magic
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An experience at an album listening party is not generally something that influences the overall impression of an album's music, but in REZZ's case, it illuminated something that cannot be communicated just through one form of media alone. A general practice throughout the music industry, previewing a long form project is a way to get the public to listen to music the way an artist intends it to, but it in most cases, doesn't expand on an artist's whole being an fan base. For REZZ's latest release, this experience illustrated her entire brand, fan base and personality.

REZZ's Certain Kind of Magic is the second long form release of its kind for the Canadian DJ and producer. Following the 2017 release of Mass Manipulation, her sophomore album clocks in at 8 tracks and features a variety of collaborations - one of its singles, "H E X" with rising 1788-L, "Life & Death" with Deathpact, "Teleportal" with Kotek. But these collaborations are not what holds this album to its strengths - it's REZZ's ship to sail, and she has let her flag wave freely. On this album, her brand is so perfected and fresh that if we didn't know better, we'd call this a breakout moment for the electronic artist, but in reality, she's been grinding with her fans known as "The Cult" supporting her to reach a moment like this in her career.

Nowhere else was this more on display in the physical than at the Certain Kind of Magic album listening party, which was appropriately held at the exclusive Magic Castle in Los Angeles - a members only club for successful magicians. The historic Hollywood building is notorious as a museum housing magic's past and artifacts, where celebrity hobbyists like Steve Martin rub elbows. In a standard play of events, this kind of event would include various representatives from the music industry and publications listening to each piece of music and maintaining composure throughout, walking away cool and collected while gathering their thoughts. But for REZZ, this was a totally different kind of moment - it was a show.

Aside from the formal attire, artists like TOKiMONSTA who showed up to show support and magic show that opened up the listening experience, REZZ invited twenty fans to join in on the party, and with that, the dynamic entirely changed. No longer were we at an industry event, but a show, complete with visuals - including the brand new one for "Flying Octopus" - and head banging. With this elevated energy in the room, it's easy to understand how REZZ is built to be a successful artist. Not only is her music unique in its ushering in of a bass meets techno world, but her personal enthusiasm behind the trippy glasses is the exclamation point in her work. 

Fans and members of The Cult with REZZ - Photo Credit: The Magic Castle

Even if you're not that familiar with the latest music that goes womp, REZZ's work on Certain Kind of Magic is an accessible demonstration of how much of a handle she has on her unique sound and the room to grow the electronic music world has on its future horizon. Being a fan of REZZ requires full attention and full body - aurally, visually and phsycially.



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