Album Review: AKTHESAVIOR - Blessings In The Grey 2

Album Review: AKTHESAVIOR - Blessings In The Grey 2
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Blessings In The Grey 2
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New York
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AKTHESAVIOR also known as simply AK is one half of the New York hip hop duo, The Underachievers. The group is known for their string of mixtapes and being part of the Beast Coast movement with Pro Era and The Flatbush Zombies. 

The Underachievers put out a mixtape earlier this year titled, It Happened In Flatbush, and was full of bangers. There were many tracks produced by Ronny J who is best known for his work with Denzel Curry on ultimate. The first two tracks of this new tape start off the same way. They are loud, aggressive, and bass heavy which makes for the songs to be great for live performances. The first two songs are some of the best on the album because the trap influenced beats with AK's raspy voice just going in to accompany them makes for a great song. He does not forget where he came from, as he puts on for New York with some classic boom bap beats as well on this project.  Tracks like "Route 66" and "Inner Peace" help showcase how great of a rapper AK is with soft production that does not take any of the attention from his lyrics.

AK chose to focus on himself for the most part with this project by only grabbing two other artists to feature on the project. Cree Ikuko and Mello fit in very well, even though Cree only helped out with an interlude it did help with the album flow. 

The only problem with this project is that it is a bit too short. The running time for the entire project is roughly 30 minutes but there are only two interludes. These do not take much time since each only last around a minute, but it would have been nice to have two extra songs to make up for it.

This project was well done overall. It is no secret that these guys from the Beast Coast can rap and this just continues to confirm their prowess. It had just a little bit of everything which made it very easy to listen to all the way through. It seems that he is starting to really find his swagger and gain some more confidence in this game with tracks like "Scottie Pippen" which is AK saying that he is the best and everyone else is only the second best. You can listen to the project here:

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