Album Review: The Black Keys - True Blue

Album Review: The Black Keys - True Blue
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The Black Keys
Album Name:
True Blue
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New York
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It’s a big day in the rock world as Ohio's The Black Keys release True Blue to their ever growing fan base. The band has certainly come a long way from their humble garage band beginnings but their latest album, while more polished, has many tracks that are sure to please even the most discerning of rock tastes. One of the greatest struggles for bands is finding a balance between the vocals and the instruments. It seems all too often if the singer is talented, the other musical elements take the back seat or simply fill the background sound to the singer’s artistic expressions. That’s one of the fantastic things about The Black Keys: from the first track “Weight Of Love” which starts off with a melodic and flowing full two minutes of instrumental bliss to the incredible guitar solo in “In Our Prime”, they have hit the sweet spot of balance with their latest musical offering.

Weight Of Love - The Black Keys


“In Time” and “Turn Blue” help build the bluesy atmosphere until the band blazes toward a more groovy beat in “Fever” which carries the up-tempo beat through to “Year In Review” and “Bullet In The Brain”. It’s neat to be able to hear the band’s range with this album. “It’s Up To You Now” has a hard hitting fierce beat while “Waiting On Words” features exaggeratedly soft vocals and more simplified musical elements. “10 Lovers” shows off their years of experience with Dan Auerbach’s exceptional vocal range and the smooth transitions between the song's high and low points. “Gotta Get Away” is a fun, energetic ode to classic rock in all its glory. Whether fans jumped on the band wagon after the popularity of “Lonely Boy” or have been following The Black Keys for years, this album has something for everyone.

Fever - The Black Keys


Track Listing:

  1. Weight Of Love
  2. In Time
  3. Turn Blue
  4. Fever
  5. Year In Review
  6. Bullet In The Brain
  7. It's Up To You Now
  8. Waiting On Words
  9. 10 Lovers
  10. In Our Prime
  11. Gotta Get Away
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