Album Review: Lykke Li - I'll Never Learn

Album Review: Lykke Li - I'll Never Learn
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Lykke Li
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I'll Never Learn
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New York
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The newly released I’ll Never Learn album by Swedish songstress Lykke Li is now available on special edition vinyl giving texture to an already incredibly powerful and inspiring album.

It’s rare to find an album that shows so much growth of an artist while staying true to their style. I’ll Never Learn marks a turning point in Lykke Li’s song writing career. While her voice, unique and haunting as ever, showcases her irrefutable talent; the overall sound of her tracks have filled out, really showing her ability to grow and learn as a musician.

The titled track I’ll Never Learn has Lykke’s vocals softer than usual but it’s a subtly powerful song, easing into her more typical vocal style in No Rest For The Wicked. The tempo picks up a bit for Just Like A Dream which is a hopeful track driven primarily by procussion, pleading ‘before you replace me, lie with me one last time’.

The final installment of Lykke Li’s trilogy hints that she may have been saving the best for last. The tracks are cohesive with the overall reflective mood evident in the way Silverline flows so seamlessly into the more intense Gunshot. Songs like Love Me Like I'm Not Made Of Stone are distinctive, purposefully written and raw in their emotional vulnerability. Never Going To Love Again is a stunningly beautiful ballad. Building resolution Heart of Steel creates the perfect mood for the last track of the album, Sleeping Alone.

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