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Indiana's Jay Loud recruits Ty Dolla $ign on "Need It Back"

Coming from Indianapolis, rising vocalist Jay Loud has spent the last few years building up to this moment. After spending the last couple of years bouncing around and working with his head down, he inked a deal with Dallas Austin and Asylum Records. Now armed with a budget, mentorship and industry backing, Jay quickly got to work quickly, ready to prove his worth. Recruiting Ty Dolla $ign for a guest feature, he signals his arrival in the form of his engaging new single, "Need It Back."

Produced by Motif Alumni and Nosalez, "Need It Back," is an infectious record that finds its' footing through engaging lyricism. Speaking about a love that's gone sour, Jay and Ty take turns showcasing their surprising chemistry, going back and forth about how they gave too much of themselves to past partners who didn't return the favor. Instead of sulking and crying, they decide to take things into their own hands, resulting in an incredibly infectious chorus where they belt about needing their hearts back, in unison.

While Ty Dolla $ign is an established vocalist, one of the more impressive things about the single is how well Jay Loud keeps up with him. Instead of being outshined, or going the other way and trying to outshine him, Jay stays in his pocket, allowing him to sound comfortable and on equal footing with one of the more revered R&B artists in today's landscape.

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