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Donn Ahmed explores pain and empowerment on new track "Let Me Go"

Arizona artist Donn Ahmed explores the double-edged feelings of pain and empowerment born out of fleeting relationships that slip out of one’s grasp on moving track “Let Me Go.” Leaning into R&B, the track which boasts an experimental melody interwoven with forceful drums sections and delicate touches of the synth, offers an unpredictable soundscape that we are drawn in by as the earworm melody and emotive message of seeking solace roots us in place.

Exploring the idea of lack of accountability in relationships and the resultant fallouts from such negligence, Donn speaks of the inspiration behind the track saying, “Accountability is everything and sometimes it’s just easier to ask `let me go'”. Shining a light on the habits and relationships we swear to quit, but never do, the vulnerable and deeply relatable track delicately walks the line about self-reflection and advice, as the rising star looks towards own relationships, holding it up as a mirror for others to see themselves in and learn from.

If the track is sultry and sensitive in equal measure, the accompanying music video take things a step further, adding an intricate narrative to the sonic tale. The visuals that depict Donn and their lover in moments of bliss, panic and despair culminate in a darker imagination where he’s seen in a hostage situation in a poetic and interpretive retelling of the distress caused by the actions of one’s partner.

With this latest offering, the up-and-coming talent from Chandler, Arizona sharpens his genre-blending skills seamlessly weaving elements of new wave pop to R&B, slowly injecting an intimate style of song writing. On his newest track, he brings an atmospheric soundscape which builds a world thoughtful yet abundantly freeing, further establishing his ability to connect with listeners through his powerfully emotive style.

Moving forward one self-assured step at a time, Donn Ahmed is on a path to becoming of the R&B scene’s biggest names – and “Let Me Go,” is only the flavorful taster for his deliciously catchy artistry.

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Alternative R&B · Ambient R&B · Soul


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