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DemarcoTheMan connects with WANDER for their lyrically driven new project, 'Lost Head'

The pandemic was one of those moments that could seemingly make or break you as an artist. If you wanted to, it was very easy and understandable to pack it in until the world figured itself out, especially considering live shows is where most artists make the majority of their money. But on the flip side, the amount of time one had to spend at home last year could’ve transformed the right artist into a monster. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising lyricist DemarcoTheMan decided to take the latter route, as he reconnected with U.K. producer WANDER to create his best project to date in Lost Head.

Clocking in at a brisk 20-minutes, Lost Head is a lyrical exploration into the complex mind of Demarco. Throughout the 8-tracks, he touches on topics such as Black ownership, self-value and overcoming stacked odds over the infectious production. One of the great qualities about the project is WANDER’s ability to provide the perfect boom-bap set ups for Demarco, while not adhering to the cliche sounds that jam up many producers who attempt the sound.

With the production perfectly laid, Demarco does his part by not only delivering the stout lyricism he’s come to be known for, but also sounding amazing while doing it. Sporting a nasal, monotoned vocal pattern, Demarco has a voice that can illicit an immediate reaction. While those reactions used to be determined on the song he was on, he has turned his voice into an undeniable strength, as he provides one of the best Lo-Fi Hip-Hop albums to come out in the last year.

In all, Lost Head is more than worth the 20-minutes it takes to finish the project. Fans of Earl Sweatshirt, Mavi and others like them will surely be pleased to find their next favorite up and coming lyricist. Take a listen to it above and get familiar with DemarcoTheMan.

Connect with Demarco: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Rap


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