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San Francisco's YVNCC checks in with his infectious "Go Rufus" video

Due to the sheer amount of artists trying to accomplish their goals at any given time in California, it can be hard for artists to separate themselves from the crowd, but YVNCC has figured out a way to do it. Utilizing his eclectic style and raw talent, he's endeared himself to a host of different people around the country, not just California. Looking toto take it further, he doubles down on his buzz with his infectious new video for, "Go Rufus."

Shot by Orange Ben, the video follows YVNCC through the parking lot of a local 7-Eleven. Donning a green zip up, black jeans, sunglasses and a everyman hair cut, one of his abilities that is immediately recognizable is his charisma. Taking a very simple concept and creating a fun and engaging video, the energy around the DIY video perfectly plays into the carefree nature of the record, which finds YVNCC showcasing his surprisingly infectious mono-toned vocals over the Jaguar Claw production. The record culminates with the incredibly catchy chorus which is more or less just him chanting, “Go Rufus!” for a few bars, endearing the listener more and more with each chant.

Connect with YVNCC: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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