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NUT!!! resurfaces with a name change to go along with his infectious new project, 'NUTSTAR'

One of the better things about being an artist is you really can have nine lives. Almost every artist has started their career out doing one thing, only to end up completely change directions due to growing as a person. Hailing from Arizona, rising artist NUT!!! has had that experience, changing his name from Young Nut after building an organic fanbase. While his name has changed, his controversial content has stayed the same, and is perfectly sequenced for his fans on his eclectic new album, NUTSTAR.

At 8-songs, NUTSTAR finds its’ footing through its’ quirky lyricism. As made immediately apparent with song titles like, “DOOKIE,” “LonelyNut,” and my personal favorite, “whatchuwantsumDICK?” NUT isn’t here to be bashful, as he rhymes about the exact topics that those titles suggest he would rap about. Though the topics seem juvenile on the surface, he utilizes his incredible knack for wordplay to create small worlds in each of the records, showcasing how far his creativity can go. On the album’s outro, “all for you,” he proves his chops as he goes toe to toe, vocally, with SAIAH, one of the genre’s exciting new prospects.

In all, NUTSTAR is a creative reintroduction to an artist that was already starting to catch his stride. With videos and more content sure to accompany this release, it would be wise to keep an ear out for Arizona’s newest export.

Connect with NUT!!!: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Indie · Pop · Rap


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