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DJ Lotus Bomb is the real "Queen Of Hearts"

DJ Lotus Bomb is carving her path on three different fronts as a talented Deejay and producer and singer. On her newest release titled "Queen OF Hearts", she however stays behind the boards to craft an anthemic club banger that aims to rattle the speakers and keep the dancefloor packed to the brim. I must add, she is not a run-of-the-mill producer and she uses her unique and multi-talented background in classical music on this one. From fusing pulsating synths, cinematic textures, and thick four-to-the-floor drum grooves, DJ Lotus Bomb delivers the goods in copious amounts.

"Queen Of Hearts" is one of her new releases showcasing her foray into production after studying various instruments since she was a kid. From piano, violin, and the viola, she is versed in these instruments and even played first chair violin during her stint in the orchestra. For the most part, she is a full-time Deejay in the house scene in Miami and has built a 10-year resume. She is presently working on more musical projects so the possibility of more singles is quite high for the blossoming EDM producer.

Connect with DJ Lotus Bomb: Spotify | Instagram

Electro · Future Beat · House · Instrumental


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