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Atlanta rapper TD Mr.Fox5 Recruits MO3 introspective "The Jungle"

Growing up in Atlanta is never easy, but anything that’s worth a damn never is. After breaking through in the industry thanks to his infectious vocal tone, relatable lyricism and his connection to 808 Mafia, rising rapper TD Mr.Fox5 is finally gearing up for his moment. After dropping the video for “Belly,” last December to good reviews, he’s now back on the scene with a banger. Recruiting the late, great Dallas rapper MO3, he turns in his best record yet in the form of, “The Jungle.” 

Produced by MP808, “The Jungle,” encompasses exactly what the title suggests: growing up in the trenches. Clocking in at 3-minutes, one of the more impressive qualities about the record is that it never gets stale. In an era of fast-paced records that often come in under 2-minutes to encourage replaying the song, TD manages to keep that feel with a longer run-time. One of the reasons he’s able to do this is structure. Featuring MO3, TD brilliantly places the Dallas native’s incredible hooks firmly in between each of his three verses, allowing the listener a break from the lyricism to revel in MO3’s serene vocals about making it out of the gutter. 

While, “The Jungle,” does a brilliant job of keeping his buzz going, the ultimate prize on deck is a full-length project from TD Mr.Fox5. Luckily, the fans won’t have to wait that long as the Atlanta native is gearing up to release his anticipated EP, Bandemic later this summer. Featuring production from 808 Mafia as well as appearances from some of the 8 Trap Empire, TD is also teasing a few features from some surprise guests.

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