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Australian vocalist Autmn Rains turns in wonderful EP, 'Safehouse'

Attempting to market yourself from one country to another is never easy. Things can become exponentially more difficult when trying to get your music overseas, but thats precisely what rising vocalist Autmn Rains elected to do. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Autmn quickly realized there weren’t many others around her making likeminded music, and luckily linked up with American producer, LxndxnAve. The two quickly hit it off and began working on a project, which they spun into Autmn’s impressive recently released EP, Safehouse.

Produced by LxndxnAve as previously mentioned, the project is a credible introduction into Autmn’s abilities as an artist. Buoyed by relateable songwriting, ambient production and her incredible vocal range, the EP birth standout tracks like, “I Wish,” and “Right Now,” the latter of which sees her showcase her aforementioned vocal abilities. While rooted in minimalistic qualities, the production does a brilliant job of letting the tracks breathe, allowing for Autmn to operate in a less cluttered space. That notion is heavily evidenced on, “Needs,” where Autmn does some of her best work, highlighted by lyrics like, “I wanna know what love is like, kind that makes you so alive. I need some more time, I need my peace of mind. Im tired I don’t wanna fight Oh I just wanna fly. I need my peace of mind, I need.”

With a slate of videos surely to follow the EP, it would be wise to get hip to Autmn Rains now before the bandwagon is full. Press play on her new album above.

Connect with Autmn Rains: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Indie · R&B


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