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Sybyr speaks on mental health in his introspective new video for "THE MILL"

Mental health issues are one of the more taboo topics in the hip-hop industry. While the topic is talked about a lot by artists in their music, such as with Maryland native Sybyr, the surrounding conversation around the issues hasn't ever really been at the forefront like it should be. While that can be a hindrance, the fact that artists like him have been willing to speak on it has allowed for the conversation to seem a bit less heinous over the last half-decade. Sticking to a style that's endeared him to listeners all over, Sybyr checks into our pages for the first time with his important new video for, "THE MILL."

Produced by Sybyr himself, under the pseudonym Landfill, “THE MILL,” is a melodically driven record that on the surface sounds like a festive bop, but is a bit more substantial once you dive into the lyrics. Speaking on mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, we see the Maryland native experience a range of emotions throughout the record, switching through them at the drop of a hat. Utilizing his vocal range to further establish when his mood is changing, he also takes advantage of the busy video to further drive that point home. Directed by Jack Rottier, the video finds its’ footing by bringing those emotions to life, with a range of trippy visuals to accompany the notion.

With the video already starting to pick up some traction, it's easy to see a path to notoriety for Sybyr in 2021. Watch his new video for, "THE MILL," below and get familiar with him for yourself.

Connect with Sybyr: Instagram | Spotify | TikTok

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