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Las Vegas rapper Chazzy Kaidd unveils his new EP, 'NOT THE SAME'

Las Vegas is a transit city. If you’ve ever spent more than a weekend here, you’ll quickly realize that many of our locals are just imports from other cities across the country and world. One of those areas where this is extra apparent is in the local music scene. Comprised of a list of talented artists, many of which coming from other cities, the town has began to establish its’ own identity, musically. Looking to further establish his name among the rankings, Louisiana to Las Vegas rapper, Chazzy Kaidd checks into our pages for the first time with his new EP, Not The Same.

Clocking in at 11-minutes, the 4-track EP does a good job of providing a peek into the arsenal of Chazzy. On the first two songs, “MORTALS,” and “DRASTIC,” he showcases his knack for melodic direction, relying on his infectious vocal tones and charming charisma to create catchy records that are easy to digest, as he takes a similar approach with, “No Love.” Conversely, he spends perhaps the best record, “Strategy,” getting a bit more introspective. Produced by Rahi, “Strategy,” is a lyrically driven record that finds the Kaidd at his most vulnerable. It also see’s him at his most boastful form, as he spits lyrics like, “Lil’ Big City the squad, feel like we’re next and I put it on God. All these rappers my children, just like the bible say, I ain’t sparring the rod. I’m a shark in the water and most of you ni**as resemble a cod,” over the brooding production, establishing his stance for future releases to come.

In all, Not The Same is a satisfying appetizer while we await the next full length project from the Louisiana native. Until then, press play on the EP below and get familiar with Chazzy Kaidd.

Connect with Chazzy Kaidd: Twitter | Instagram | Website

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