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Worry Club shines in their chic new video for, "Money"

Money makes the world go 'round. It's a cliche quote, yes, but it's ultimately always a correct one, as we find out just how often people's morals can be for sale. Although we can be a caring species when needed, money often throws a monkey wrench into people's perspectives and sometimes makes them go left instead of right. Hailing from Chicago, rising songwriter Chase Walsh connects with visual artist Zack Zagula to create, Worry Club, as the duo tackles this exact topic on their new single, "Money."

Set to the tone of synth-pop guitars and ambient drum patterns, the production behind, "Money," leaves more than enough space for Chase to flex his vocal chops. In doing so, we get a peek his crucial ability to relate to the listener through his poignant songwriting, as, "Once I get some money, I know she's gonna love me. It's right," is one of the more chant-able hooks to come out this year. Combining the record with an easy-going video that finds Chase taking a stroll through the city wearing a ushanka and a fur coat, "Money," is without a doubt one of the more refreshing releases in the young year.

Speaking on the video, Chase said, "As I made my way through college, it became more and more apparent that money is a valued part of people’s personalities. This song points a finger at the culture that values money over genuine connections and empathy. The song was written in an insecure state of mind. As someone who doesn’t have a lot of money, it’s easy to think about all the ways money could solve your problems." He continues, "I wrote this song as a reminder to myself and anybody who relates that happiness is a journey not a problem to be solved."

Connect with Worry Club: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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Colin Walsh
Colin Walsh
4 months ago

This is awesome. Love the song. Love the video. Love Worry club.