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Portland native Easy Grimm checks in with his eclectic animation video for new single, "Boba Fett"

For many artists, the decision to venture out into the journey of becoming a professional musician is either influenced by or done directly in spite of, somebody close to the artist. Hailing from Portland, rising vocalist Easy Grimm belongs in the latter category. After spending his formative years watching his grandfather perform local gigs in Portland, Grimm began to develop a love for music, albeit a different genre than his grandfather. Harnessing his love for music and combining it with talent and an admirable work ethic, he steps out of his comfort zone to deliver his new animation video for, "Boba Fett."

Animated by Kenneth Christian, "Boba Fett," is an infectious record that finds the Portland native pondering over a number of topics over the ambitious production from dltzk. Utilizing the idea of Boba Fett, the infamous bounty hunter from the Star Wars saga, Easy Grimm speaks about having a price on his head. Whether figuratively or literally, the idea serves as a buoy for the rest of the record, as rationalizes with this by accurately assessing that he has more to live for than to engage in the hate. "Thankfully, I got so much in store for me, I'm stocked up," croons Grimm towards the end of the record, capturing what should be the overall mindset of anybody with the potential to do great things. 

Overall, "Boba Fett," is a great single that hopefully leads into a new project from the Portland native. Until then, get familiar with Easy Grimm below and bump the single above. 

Connect with Easy Grimm: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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