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Stafford Beats recruits BASHI & LosingLucid for their festive new single "Bang!"

Colorado producer Stafford Beats enlists BASHI & LosingLucid for their incredibly upbeat new single, "Bang!"

Employing BASHI and Lucid for vocalist duties, Stafford sticks to the production on here, as he completely shines providing upbeat drum patterns, infectious melodic progression, and just enough breathing room for both of the features to feel comfortable. Rhyming about constantly being the life of the party whenever they walk in, BASHI and Lucid do a brilliant job of keeping the listener engaged lyrically as they provide an inescapably memorable hook.

Take a listen to the single above and get familiar with Stafford Beats.

Connect with Stafford Beats: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Indie


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