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Sanity Menon & DAN-GANJA connect for hazy new EP, 'Same Difference'

The music industry is the one area where the more hats you where, the more valuable you are to the overall goal. Knowing this, we've seen plenty of artists over the years transition into executive and management roles, in order to ensure that not only they get their just due, but also those around them. Coming from Paramount, California, rising producer DAN-GANJA is one of those artists. After establishing himself creatively, he started the RICH MIND$ collective where he also manages other artists. One of those guys is So Cal lyricist, Sanity Menon, who teams up with DAN-GANJA for their new EP, Same Difference.

At only 7-songs, Same Difference is a 24-minute exploration into the minds of Sanity Menon and DAN-GANJA. Utilizing Menon as the mouth piece while GANJA scores the accompanying music, the two showcase an extreme chemistry that’s highlighted all over the EP. The duo welcome notable features in Montae Montana and Godfather Rito, but they shine best when it’s only them two. On records like, “Losin’ Focus,” and “Thinkin’” GANJA layers the production perfectly for Menon to get introspective, while on, “Ringin’ in My Ear,” things get a little bit more boastful as they start to have fun with it.

Take a listen to the EP below and get familiar with the new So Cal duo.

Connect with Sanity Menon: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with DAN-GANJA: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Hip-Hop · Rap


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