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New Jersey rapper Gatti800 pays homage to G-Baby on his engaging new 12-track album

Unless you lived under a rock, or weren't born yet since we're getting old, then you're well aware of the 2001 baseball movie, Hardball. Starring Keanu Reeves as a degenerate gambler who finds redemption in coaching a baseball team full of inner city kids, the most memorable part of the film was the death of the youngest player on the team, G-Baby. Like any of us who were young at that age, the fictional death greatly affected rising rapper Gatti800, who pays homage to the fallen icon with his new intriguing project, G-Baby.

At 12-tracks, G-Baby finds its footing through its infectious production, sampling early 2000s classics from artists like Ja-Rule, Ashanti and more. Over these familiar melodies, Gatti800 consistently showcases his lyrical prowess, rhyming consistently throughout the album about his infatuation with beautiful women. On, "Love & Bestfriend," he explores both sides of the potential relationship, while on songs like, "Knock Knock" and "W.Y.W.," he gets a bit more boastful while still keeping his signature charm. Though he's more prone to rapping to the ladies, he doesn't let the album go without letting the world know he's more than just a one-trick-pony, as he viciously cuts through, "Big Drippin," one of the better tracks on the album.

Speaking on the project, Gatti said, "G-Baby started off as just a nickname people associated with me after seeing me wear baseball jerseys all Summer." He continues, "I decided to turn it into a project providing a variety of vibes, uplifting people through these tough times."

With the project serving as his introduction into 2021, the quality should also be an indication that he's ready for the spotlight. Take a listen above and get familiar for yourself.

Connect with Gatti800: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify 

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