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Ohio rapper GVVDAH connects with G Herbo for their thrilling new single, "Hammer"

One of the most cautionary tales in hip-hop history is the story of MC Hammer. After breaking through to the masses and releasing some of the highest selling music of all time, the bridge came crashing down almost as quickly as it was established, and Hammer was left with largely nothing, struggling to pick up the pieces. Luckily, he found redemption, but his story still rings in the minds of many rappers, including GVVDAH who taps in with his ode to the Oakland native in the form of "Hammer."

Featuring popular Chicago rapper G Herbo, "Hammer" kicks off with a scathing verse from Herbo, as he rhymes about surviving the streets in his signature off-kilter cadence. Following the 16-bar verse from Herbo, GVVDAH smoothly slides in for the hook, accompanied by an infectious auto-tune draped around his voice as he croons about, "blowing 30 mill like I'm Hammer." Finishing the fast-paced record off with an intriguing verse that lines up well with Herbo's, GVVDAH quickly establishes himself as a dual threat, completely changing his vocal structure when transitioning from chorus duties to rhyming on verses. 

With an impending full-length on the horizon, it's not hard to see a future in which the Ohio rapper has established himself as a prospect to watch. Get familiar with GVVDAH now and take a listen to the single above.

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