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L.A. rapper Presidentrj checks in with his scathing new single, "How Can I Trust"

Music can be used for many things, but perhaps the most substantial way that it has been wielded is to inspire social reform. Although the tone has changed from hopeful to aggressive, and everything in between, the question has largely been the same from Black artists since the beginning of time: Why? Why are our people not given equal rights, why are our people gunned down for no reason, and why aren't these questions being asked more often? Coming out of Los Angeles, rising artist Presidentrj asks these questions and more, as he releases his politically charged new single, "How Can I Trust?"

On the surface, "How Can I Trust" doesn't sound like your normal call for change, instead opting for the militant side of things as evidenced by its production. Making statements like, "the system is killing my ni**as and don't even cover it up," within the first 30 seconds, he immediately lets the listener know what the tone is going to be for the rest of the record. Utilizing well-placed auto-tune, he spends the record making similar statements followed by the ultimate question of, "How can I trust?" which largely captures the feelings of every Black person in America.

Normally known as a street rapper, the change of pace is a nice addition to Presidentrj's repertoire. With a full length project on the horizon, it's the perfect time for him to start exploring his creativity. Take a listen to his latest above and get familiar with the multi-faceted emcee. 

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