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Brooklyn's King Xerxes releases introspective single, "Drown"

Relationships are a two-way street, and often one of those sides isn't as good at upkeep as the other. As people, we tend to think the world revolves around us, especially during times of personal and wide-spread turmoil. In doing this, we often sometimes aren't able to be there for our partners like we should be during these times, when they're often going through something similar. Hailing from Brooklyn, rising lyricist King Xerxes was able to capture this notion ingeniously in his engaging new video for, "Drown."

Directed by King Xerxes himself and shot by WAM, the video starts off with him giving a toast. "From now on, when we drown, we drown in money," says Xerxes, preceding the events in the video that lead him to this mindset. After that, the video pans to a shot of Xerxes speaking to his therapist, who we quickly find out is also his girlfriend. With the revelation, the video provides an intriguing wrinkle to the overall theme. Throughout the track, Xerxes is clearly opening his heart up to somebody about things like love, passions and overall emotional growth. In showing that the person he was speaking too, was also the person he was speaking about, Xerxes highlights the difficulties in speaking your truths, when your truths might hurt the person you're speaking to them about. 

In all, "Drown," is one of the more in-depth, down-to-earth videos that have been released this year. During a time when everybody is attempting to do a bit of self-healing, the video and it's track come at a well-needed time. Check it out above and get hip to King Xerxes.

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