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Rising songwriter Amirah turns in her poignant new single, "Tell Me"


The amount of division that we have in the world is astounding, but it seems to be even more amplified in America. We spent almost all of 2020, during a pandemic, hashing out our differences about topics that include: race, religion, health, safety and of course, politics. It was the latter of those topics that swallowed up every single one of the former and took center stage in November during our election. Regardless of the outcome, the battle showed everybody's true colors, and that's exactly what rising vocalist Amirah speaks about on her brilliant new song, "Tell Me." 

Blending traditional elements such as tanpura, gamelan, and tabla with modern pop production, Amirah links with Jeff Bova to create a dramatic ode to the powers that unite us all, despite our polarized world. “Tell Me” asks the questions that are on many of our minds as we struggle to make sense of the chaos around us. “The more I understand of this world, the less I understand it,” Amirah sings, establishing the tone for the rest of the record, creating a somber and inquisitive narrative. Originally composed in Malay, it explores faith, freedom, and the endless search for meaning for who we truly are as a people.

Considering herself a "lyrical healer," Amirah's best quality as an artist is her ability to verbalize the world's struggles in a poetic and comprehensible manner. With her new album on the horizon, which will feature her signature East meets West sound made of traditional instruments blended with modern contemporary music, it seems as if the best is yet to come for the rising vocalist. Check out her lyric video above and get familiar.

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