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Canadian duo RND Freeman & Jupleci unleash their festive new single "Picasso"


Unless you've lived under a rock in the last decade, then you've noticed the explosion of Canadian artists carving their musical legacies around the world. Spearheaded by names like, Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd and many, many more, the country has been responsible for pushing out some of our favorite music. Looking to continue the tradition, rising artists RND Freeman & Jupleci have been grinding their way through the scene, buoyed by the record label Runaway Generation. They check into our pages for the first time with their engaging new single, "Picasso."

Directed by Runaway Networks, “Picasso,” takes the listener on a trip through multiple moods, emitting an energy rare to find nowadays in most new releases. Soulful and catchy, the rappers’ impactful flows pair to perfection with the fun visuals captured around the theme of sports’ anchors, giving it an engaging vibe, set to spark mass appreciation among listeners who appreciate a creative video that keeps you intrigued. Produced by Adam Smith, the single exposes a sound that evokes a fusion between various Hip-Hop sub-genres, with intriguing soundscapes that build infectious sonic structures for both RND Freeman and Jupleci’s flows to layer atop with a dominating yet groovy presence. Never straining for effect, the production allows for an impactful, yet enjoyable listen.

Be sure to check out the video above and get familiar with RND Freeman & Jupleci.

Connect with RND Freeman: Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Jupleci: Instagram | Spotify

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