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Joe Maynor & Benny Soliven recruit Drakeo The Ruler, 1TakeJay for 'Joe & Benny'

One of the many cheat codes to getting noticed faster in the music industry is by getting features from popular artists. Usually, for most independent artists, this means one, maybe two features from established artists to help the buzz grow a bit. Hailing from Central Valley, California, Joe Maynor & Benny Soliven are not your averages indies, and they prove it on their star-studded new collab album, Joe & Benny.

At 9 tracks, Joe & Benny is a fun, engaging ride that finds the duo trading boastful raps over festive production. Over the 26-minute run time, they welcome features from PhoraRJMrLA1takejayFenix Flexin’Drakeo The Ruler and DDG, which seems like it would create congestion. Instead, it does the opposite as they step into each of their features’ worlds, sonically. Together, they utilize each feature to showcase their versatility, switching through melodies and cadences at a quick and seamless rate. On, “Blow it,” they utilize a Too Short sample to combine with 1takejay for an intriguing party anthem, while on, “Lifestyle,” they connect with DDG for a romantic record for the ladies.

The boys are at their best, though, when they’re being boastful and rapping, as evidenced on, “For What,” one of the few records without a feature and, “Say That Then.” Produced by Kel24K, the Drakeo-assisted record is a creepy banger that finds the duo going back and forth with one of Rap’s most intriguing prospects over anxious production, making for the project’s best track.

With such an eye-popping feature list, it’s likely that this project will net some listeners based on that alone. What will keep them coming back, though, is the glowing chemistry between Joe & Benny, who stand out on this project among some of California’s best. Take a listen to the project below and get familiar.

Connect with Joe Maynor: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Connect with Benny Soliven: Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

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