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YNG Fiska turns in his melodic new single, "Faygo" [Video]

One of the side effects of having so much music released at such a high rate is that there's usually a good chance you missed something you would've enjoyed. Coming out of the Bronx, YNG Fiska has the type of fan base that helps his songs slow burn their way to the top. As evidenced on songs like, "Percs & Lean," he harnesses his eclectic style and cult fan base to create prolonged moments that make older songs feel new. Originally released in November, his new single, "Faygo," is on the exact same path after receiving an enjoyable new video. 

Directed by Fiska himself, the video finds him in front of a fireplace surrounded by beautiful women. Holding a blunt in one hand a cup of lean in the other, you would think the scene would make for a festive moment. Instead, he looks sad, contemplating the world around him as he concludes that it's time to get more Faygo soda. Paying homage to the popular drink that's famously mixed with Codeine to create the drug, the video does a brilliant job of showcasing how dependency can make you oblivious to even a room full of beautiful women. As for the record, YNG Fiska utilizes his genius knack for melodic direction to create one of the New Year's most chant-worthy hooks. Combining that element with the well-directed video, and it makes for an intriguing package. 

Take a peek at the video above and get familiar with YNG Fiska.

Connect with YNG Fiska: Instagram | Spotify

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