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Kelechi pays homage to the motherland on "On Me"

Like many things in life, the music industry rewards those that are consistent. There are countless cliches about how making one hit is easy, but following up with more is what creates a star. Hailing from Atlanta, Nigerian artist Kelechi has been as dependable as they come since his breakout in 2016, releasing quality work at a manageable pace. Looking to further establish himself before the end of the year, he resurfaces with his enjoyable new single, "On Me."

Hailing from his 2020 album, Going Home, "On Me," is a fun, engaging record that finds Kelechi getting a bit more closer to his roots. Inspired by a conversation he had with Jidenna on tour, he spends the record getting some things off his chest. "I be the chief na me bless myself, suddenly these n****s need my help? No biggie. Me no go stress myself. It’s on me. It’s on me," Kelechi croons in the chorus over the festive production, making for a incredibly rhythmic record with an anthemic hook. Utilizing the record as an opportunity to showcase how his roots influence him, it's easy to see why this is his favorite record on the album. 

Originally released as a Bandcamp exclusive, Kelechi has been creatively rolling out the songs from Going Home onto other streaming platforms, one by one. Take a listen to, "On Me," above and keep up to date with Kelechi to see when the rest of the album will crossover as well. 

Connect with Kelechi: Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

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