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Atlanta vocalist Neila drops off seductive "Fck Me Up" [Video]

Neila has enjoyed a bit of a rise this year. On the back of her 2020 EP, What's Your Sign?, the rising Atlanta artist started to build a bit of a buzz. Known for her creativeness, she has utilized her videos as a way to not only showcase that creativity, but to tell more of her story. Continuing with the blue alien character that was established in her last video, she furthers the storyline on her latest visual for, "Fck Me Up."

Directed by Neila and Spencer Charles, the aesthetic of the video is purely rooted in 70's culture, evidenced by the video filter and sonic direction of the record. Utilizing live instrumentation, Neila showcases her knack for melodic direction as she bends her voice to make for some pretty intriguing vocal runs. Speaking explicitly about what she wants from her man, the video does a great job of highlighting the different emotions on their faces as they go through this convo. The only question that's pressing is... does he know she's an alien? Serving as the second video release from her EP, here's to hoping that we get to see more of that dynamic play out in the near future. 

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