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Classical vocalist Summer Watson returns with the inspiring "Break the Silence"

Instead of looking to classically trained singers, we often look to pop mainstream acts as our standard of vocal excellence. By doing this, we often leave vocalists, who often might be more talented, to look for a creative way to stand out. Coming out of London, Summer Watson is doing just that. After establishing herself in the classical genre, Watson was diagnosed with breast cancer and forced to take some time off. In doing so, she used the time to create a new sound for herself: classical vocals over mainstream-friendly production. Introducing the idea, she releases her first single in years, "Break the Silence."

Produced by Richard Furch, the track doesn't exactly sound like Bach going pop, though you can clearly see what Watson is going for. Utilizing her ridiculously vast vocal range, she sings about her traumatic experiences over the grand and ambitious production, coping with the memory of painful events she's been through. Though she doesn't speak on them directly, you can distinctively feel her pain through poignant lyrics like, "Into my darkness, shine your light, come break this silence from inside. I see me fall, break the silence inside," though by the end of the track, she finds salvation, as she sings, "Pain of yesterday no longer festers in our hearts, just an open mind."

After seeing incredible highs and lows, which include a train crash and a number one debut album, it's nice to see Summer able to get back to doing what she loves. Take a listen to the single above.

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