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Chicago natives Y.K. Supe & 93 Chris connect for their gripping new EP, 'T.S.T, Vol. 1'

Though the pandemic has managed to affect almost everything in our daily lives, for some people, certain things stayed the same. Coming out of Chicago, rising rapper, Y.K. Supe is well aware of the large homicide rate in his home city, one that stayed consistent this year despite seemingly everything else in the world slowing down. Still, during tough times, the Chicago rapper has served as a beacon of light for his community. Known for his poignant storytelling, Supe doubled down on his career this year, releasing two well-received projects and solidifying his core fanbase. Looking to keep the ball rolling, he connects with fellow Chicago native, 93 Chris for their impressive new project, T.S.T, Vol. 1.

Produced entirely by 93 Chris, T.S.T, Vol. 1 is a 7-track snapshot into the year that Y.K. Supe has experienced thus far. Kicking it off on the ironically titled intro, "Pandemic," he opens the EP with the lyrics, "Just lost my cousin, and my sister. Gotta keep the pipe, can’t live like this," which further accentuates the notion that the streets don't stop for a Pandemic. Throughout the rest of the project, he spends time showcasing his lyrical ability on songs like, "Burning Sage," and "Kame," the latter of which finds him exploring with some new flows. The best song on the project, without a doubt, though is, "Skrrt Freestyle." Set to the tone of an angelic sample layered over an infectious drum pattern, Supe really starts flexing on this one, as he spews out majestic lines like, "I know better, I cheese at my cheddar, my bars is like my gun, I call it my BARetta (beretta)," proving he's one of the new rapper standing on his lyrical ability.

With the title carrying the Vol. 1 moniker at the end, it suggests that we should be expecting a follow up. Until then, listen to the project above and get familiar with Y.K. Supe on Twitter // Instagram // Spotify

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