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RonnieMac releases his impressive new project, 'Mac Friday'

Progression is key for independent artists coming up in today’s industry. Artists are developing in real-time due to streaming services like SoundCloud and Audiomack where the creative process is accelerated. What this inevitably created were many failed careers before they were even given the chance to launch, but, it also created something else. It created an engaging fan experience for people to feel like they’ve seen their favorites grow. One of those artists is Bay Area native, RonnieMac, who has been cleverly crafting his fan base over the last 4-5 years. Starting to see the fruits of his labor, he releases his most polished project to date in the form of Mac Friday.

Clocking in at 23-minutes, Mac Friday is a fun, jubilant project that finds Mac getting a little more festive this time around. Utilizing production perfect for parties and mixing it with his infectious cadences, RonnieMac seems like a less intimidating side of himself on songs like, “Tear it Up,” and, “Love Me,” where he speaks on his love interests, though that notion is quickly dispelled on songs like, “Craig & Day-Day." Featuring Young Reek, this is where Mac returns to his natural form, relying on aggressively charged rhymes paired high-octane production that's fitted for war. Punctuated with scathing guest verse from Reek, "Craig & Day-Day," serves as the project's standout track.

With everything other than, “Movie,” being produced by Drew Banga, the chemistry between the two is also what makes this project so enjoyable. Speaking on his chemistry with Banga, as well as the creation of the project, he shared with EARMILK, "Everything came together because Drew was one of the few producers all quarantine who motivated me to keep working. He’d send me a beat pack right after I sent the latest song I recorded. Between that & wanting to put out something a bit more personal, project wise, that’s really how Mac Friday came together."

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