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Rising Atlanta rapper $odaman unveils his turbulent video for "On The Way!"

Coming out of Atlanta, rising rapper $odaman has had a mostly uphill journey thus far. Maneuvering his way through the underground scene, he utilized aggressively charged rhymes to slowly but surely climb to the forefront on the backs of singles like, "ByGones," and his lone 2020 outing, "Money Coming." Looking to further solidify his recent ascension, he resurfaces to finish the year off with the new video for his single, "On The Way!" 

Produced by Hvrmeez, “On The Way!” is a fast paced, engaging single that finds $odaman doing some of his best rapping. Utilizing an off-kilter cadence that fits around the production like a warm blanket, he spends the 2-minute song rapping about an easily relatable topic, relationships.

Directed by Kharkee, the video follows $odaman throughout the day as he drives through town, taking care of random business. All seems well, except for the fact that his girl won’t stop calling his phone. Frustrated with the consistent badgering, he lets her know that there’s money and other things on the way to him, and when those are finished, he’ll be on his way to her. Of many positive things about this record, the most intriguing part might be the fact that $odaman was able to turn a traditionally sappy R&B topic into a hard, thumping underground rap record.

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