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Get familiar with Mark McCafferty & his reflective new EP, 'Bluem'

New Jersey native, Mark McCafferty has been slowly but surely developing his craft over the last two years. In 2018, he released his first single to rave reviews and starting building his fan base. Taking some time to develop, he spent the next two years honing his sound, doubling down on the qualities that had earned him almost 200k plays on his debut single. Resurfacing on the scene, he returns better than ever with his reflective new EP, Bluem.

At only 21-minutes, Bluem is a quick, engaging listen that takes you into the psyche of McCafferty, while also showcasing his different talents. Throughout the project, he utilizes each song to provide listeners with a taste of his arsenal. On songs like, "Red Light" and, "Change My Ways," he highlights his surprisingly vast vocal range, while crooning anthemic lyrics like, "Coolin' watching movies under oath with my day ones, and yeah we got some problems and some people that hate us, but we just cop a zip and let it go till that day comes," over ambient production. 

Though his vocal abilities were a pleasant revelation, his true talents shine on records like "Living a Lie," and, "Faith." Featuring Dante Miles, "Living a Lie," is McCafferty at his absolute best, showcasing his formidable pen by getting off complex bars with a rapid flow. Speaking on people who aren't comfortable in their own skin, he and Miles provide for an enjoyable record. On, "Faith," he welcomes another guest in, Ish Williams, as the two highlight their obvious chemistry, making for one of the best songs on the project over the spacey production provided by, Ashton McCreight.

Speaking on the project, McCafferty told us, "Bluem is an EP written entirely by me. It's dedicated to three loved ones who were, and still are, my biggest inspirations in life when it comes to creating: The late, Timothy “Blues” Farley, Nicholas J. Farley and Frankie J. Forant Jr." He Continues, "I used this project to touch on the importance of balancing the good with the bad and knowing that sometimes you have to re-evaluate your mindset. The times I thought I was being dug six feet under, I was really just preparing to grow six feet taller."

Take a listen to the EP above and get familiar with Mark McCafferty.

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[…] post Get familiar with Mark McCafferty & his reflective new EP, 'Bluem' appeared first on […]


[…] post Get familiar with Mark McCafferty & his reflective new EP, 'Bluem' appeared first on […]