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Cam Gnarly unveils his reflective new video for "Get By"

San Bernardino native, Cam Gnarly has been gradually making his way up the SoCal totem pole. Jumping on my personal radar with his brilliant 2019 project, Gnarvana, he has spent most of 2020 doubling down on the notoriety by releasing a lot of content. Despite this, he proves that music has no timetable, as he plucks one of the standout records from Gnarvana, "Get By," for an engaging new video. 

Directed by Jesse Davila, the video makes its' intentions clear from the jump, starting off with a disclaimer that the video was dedicated to, "all the homies and heroes that we've loved and lost." Sticking to that reflective theme, the video spends a lot of its' time showcasing random, poignant shots of Los Angeles, as well as remembering some of the victims of systematic racism from the past few years. Prevalent through the video are tributes to fallen heroes like Kobe Bryant and Nipsey Hussle, with the latter being featured in unreleased concert footage from some years ago. 

Meshing perfectly with the video, the Aye Brook-produced track finally find's a visual home. He and Gnarly combine for a meditative record that is equally both enjoyable and therapeutic. Add in popular Inland Empire songstress, Maya Huana's scene-stealing vocals, and you have yourself one of the more intriguing videos in the last month. Take a peek at the visuals above and get familiar with Cam Gnarly. 

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