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CamilosGarden turns in his quirky new video for "Tie Dye"

Rising vocalist CamilosGarden refuses to take short cuts. Although it sounds easy, bringing a record to life through a music video is a tough job to accomplish. So often, artist just end up utilizing tired cliches: women, guns, cars. But when an artist truly puts work into a storyboard, it's obvious. Instead of subscribing to said platitudes, the Queens-based artist builds a fun and engaging story around his eager new single,"Tie Dye."

Directed by David Anthony Baez, the video for, "Tie Dye," takes place in a suburban Go-Kart alley. Featuring Camilo and Leigh Paris as the establishment's employees, the visual starts gaining its' legs when their boss tells them he's, "going home to cheat on his wife," (true story) leaving the place to the duo. What follows is a fun, quirky night that finds Camilo and Paris transforming the spot into a wonderland for fun. Taking advantage of the lack of supervision, they invite a busload of girls over for fun that includes Go-Kart rides, arcade games and a jar of cash, which is used to win over the manager who comes back unexpectedly.

Produced by Dee B, the actual record finds Camilo eagerly showcasing his incredible melodic abilities. Blessed with a vocal range from another planet, he bends melodies and utilizes auto-tune to his advantage in a way that not many others do. Highlighted by a hard-to-forget chorus, as well as an enjoyable verse from Paris, “Tie Dye,” is Camilo putting some of his best work forward.

Known in New York City for his engaging melodic ability and intriguing fashion sense, Camilo has carved out a niche fan base through engaging visuals and impressive social media networking.

Connect with CamilosGarden on Twitter and Instagram.



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