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Get familiar with M-16 thegreat the festive video for "2005"

The independent grind is not for the weak, especially in hip-hop. With so many around the world uploading their music to DSPs, the competition gets stiffer everyday. But M-16 thegreat has no trouble standing out, and he proves it in his new video for, "2005."

Directed by Ronnie Lewis and routined by legendary L.A. choreographer, Tommy The Clown, "2005," is a fun, engaging video that does a great job of showcasing M-16's charm and on-screen charisma. Surrounded by cars, bottles and beautiful women, it would be easy for the I.E. rapper to resort to the cliches on screen. Instead, he and the people next to him look like they're having genuine fun, lead by a big charismatic rapper who's enjoying their company as much as they enjoy his. As for the record, M-16's infectious energy carries over off-screen, as the rapper highlights his knack for melodic progression and quirky one-liners, buoyed by the song's incredible chorus.  

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