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Wave MMLZ impresses with intriguing project, 'Into The Sun'

Traditionally, the "producer/rapper," has been viewed as somebody who's trying to do a little too much; nevermind that Q-Tip was essentially, just that, for decades, without proper recognition. But in 2004, something changed: highly regarded producer, Kanye West and his undeniable debut album, The College Dropout. Since then, the producer/rapper identity has been en vogue, and luckily, many artists these days can do both. Still, only the best can really do it well, and hailing from Las Vegas, rising artist, Wave MMLZ is one of those artists, as he proves it on his new project, Into The Sun.

At 7-tracks, Into The Sun is the sonic exploration of a an artist starting to full develop his sound. More known for boom bap production and backpack rhymes, Wave takes the next step on this one. Utilizing a host of different sounds to seamlessly accompany his quirky lines about pop culture, he takes the first half of the project to let off his aggression on songs like, "So Much On My Mind," and "Bottle the Wave." 

From here, he slows things down a bit on the ensuing records, calling for more piano driven melodies than before. Throughout this time, he really showcases his progression as a producer. On, "Inside This Room," he provides one of his more emotional records to date, and he doubles down with, "When It's Gone," an emotionally substantial collaboration with Speak.

In all, the project is without a doubt one of the Sin City native's best yet. With the whole thing being fully self-produced, it's only a matter of time before he starts to provide sounds for others.

Listen to, Into the Sun, on Apple Music // Spotify

Connect with Wave MMLZ on Twitter // Instagram

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