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Indie pop artist i.am.orange delivers his joyous new single, "Cool As Me"

One thing that many people forget when it comes to music is that many of these artists have dual personalities. There's the wholesome, (maybe?) normal human being who has a regular name like Christina, Shawn or even, Aubrey. Then, there's the artistic side of them, usually marked by an alias like, Drake or any of the other million artist names. This side of them is not the person you know or grew up with. It's the person that, hopefully, millions of other people think they know and feel like they grew up with. That's the true duality of an artist. Hailing from a planet unknown, rising Pop sensation, i.am.orange takes his alter-ego seriously, and he doubles down on it with his new single, "Cool As Me."

Set to the tone of infectious guitar runs and sporadic drum patterns, "Cool As Me," sounds like it derives from many classic Pop favorites. Utilizing relatable songwriting to establish his abilities, he spends the song penning quirky one-liners about being the coolest on the schoolyard--much to the chagrin of whomever he's speaking too. While the musicality of the record is beautifully chaotic, it's freneticism is honestly one of it's more charming qualities. There's something poetic about hearing someone croon about being the coolest person alive over a melody of sounds that mash together masterfully like a symphonic car crash. 

Be sure to get familiar with i.am.orange, who's eclectic sound has already helped him amass almost a million monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Listen to, "Cool As Me" on Spotify // Apple Music // Tidal

Connect with i.am.orange: Instagram 

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