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Get familiar with buzzing LA artist Blxst and his memorable debut, 'No Love Lost'

Generational artists are just that, meaning, they don't come every year, or even every 5 to 10 years. They come once in a blue moon, and you almost never see them coming. Hailing from Los Angeles, rising artist, Blxst has the potential to be one of those artist. Already establishing himself as the City's most in-demand hook-man since Ty Dolla $ign, he doubles down on his buzz with his flawless debut EP, No Love Lost

Clocking in at 8-tracks, No Love Lost is a victory lap of sorts for the young vocalist. While he's spent a large portions of late 2019 and early 2020 to inaugurate himself as one to watch, he utilizing the project to confirm those suspicions. One of the immediate qualities that standout is the fact that the project is entirely self-produced. Pulling from different inspirations, each song on this project provides a different feeling, with each feeling distinctively important in it's exact place. For example, at the beginning of the project, Blxst speaks from the perspective of entitlement on songs like, "Overrated," and,  "Wrong or Right," while the project's final run of, "Be Alone," "Just Say'n," "Searching," and, "Hurt" without a doubt sing a different, more humbled tune.

After establishing his signature sound on a handful of  high-profile releases from artists like Mozzy, 1TakeJay and Bino Rideaux, he follows that up with a more well-rounded body of work. While he made it clear that he was the man to call for party-anthem hooks, No Love Lost spends the almost 20-minutes introducing all of the Red Bull Records signee's emotions, including sadness, envy, elation and more. 

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