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Atlanta native TTGFred tells his insane story in his personal new video for "Headshot"

Despite all of the challenges brought upon by 2020 and Atlanta rapper, TTG Fred knows about that all too well. After recovering from a stray bullet that hit him in the head, he returns unshook with a brand new video chronicling the whole ordeal titled, "Headshot."

Directed by Reel Gods & DreamLab, “Headshot,” is an engaging video that chronicles Fred's return to the studio following a strenuous ordeal. Sporting a medical head-wrap with wristbands to match, the charisma of the Atlanta native is fully on display, as he exudes confidence, pain, and hope all in the same video.

Crooning poignant lyrics about the topic over the emotional production buoyed by downtempo drums and steady keys, he also displays an impressive vocal range that I wasn’t aware was in his arsenal. "One hand to stop the blood, one hand on the wheel/ thinking if I get killed who else getting killed// cause ain't no understand in my bros, shit gon get real," rhymes Fred, as he recounts the incident. Combining these qualities with his strong melodic presence, "Headshot" makes for one of his most engaging records to date. 

Check out the video below and get familiar with TTG Fred. 

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