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Canadian vocalist Chris Goma recruits P1 for their new feel-good anthem "Mess With Me"

If you polled 10 record labels, there's a good chance that 9 of them would say 2020 was a disaster. That other label? That would be Treacherous Records. Based in Los Angeles, the Indie label has been on a tear this year, gaining notoriety from surprisingly big singles released by their artists. Looking to keep the streak alive, 25-year-old Chris Goma calls on label-mate, P1 for their new track, "Mess With Me."

Produced by Kristian Hossy, "Mess With Me," is a fun, stimulating record that finds P1 and Goma showcasing their intriguing chemistry. Utilizing funky basslines and infectious drum patterns, Goma does a brilliant job of meshing his impressive vocals with P1's engaging lyrical style. With P1 providing 2 enjoyable verses before Goma comes in at the end for clean up, it look's like, "Mess With Me" has the potential to be the Canadian singer's biggest song yet. 

Following a string of well-received releases in 2020, it should be no surprise to see Goma starting to thrive. With a video sure to follow, we may look on this single as the moment he started to breakthrough. 

Listen to, "Mess With Me," on Apple Music // Spotify // Tidal

Connect with Chris Goma: Twitter | Instagram



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