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Asaiah Ziv turns in his reflective new EP, 'The World Is Scary'

During the tough times that we're currently experiencing, music is a tangible thing to hold on to, to help decompress. Some choose to let their hair down and play upbeat, positive music to assist in lifting spirits. For others, turning to darker, more emotional music in times like these helps them feel like they're not alone in this madness. Creating music for the latter population, Las Vegas native, Asaiah Ziv checks in with his new EP, The World Is Scary

At only 4-tracks with a 10-minute runtime, The World Is Scary is a stark, unfiltered take on what's going on in the Vegas native's personal world, as well as the one he shares with others. Kicking the project off with his declarative intro, "Fuck Love," he lets the listener know from the jump his mental state on this project: confused, manic and seeking salvation.

One of the more impressive creative qualities of the EP is that it's produced, mixed and mastered by Ziv himself. Aside from a feature from fellow Sin City standout, Papichuloteej, the EP is 150% him, speaking on personal topics that are sure to cut deep. On, "Momma's Boy," he opens up about personal struggles with depression, sleeping on couches in Chicago and much more. Another topic he briefly speaks on in this record is religion. Coming from the Christian Rap scene originally, "My brother told me go to Christ and give my life to him," is an Easter Egg of a line that OG Ziv fans will appreciate. The Vegas rep then rounds out the project with, "Angeline," an infectious Pop Ballad that showcases Ziv's noticeable vocal progression and melodic abilities. 

With this serving as his second 2020 release, following Trap Cobain, it's evident that Ziv is looking to apply pressure. Despite touring being out of the picture, Asaiah seems to be looking to cultivate his fanbase for when that opportunity does arise. Boasting a slate of impressive releases to his name this year already, it would be wise to be on that strategy working.

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